November Wine and Cheese pick

November Wine & Cheese Pick
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This month's recommendation for wine pairing is a rare cheese from the French Alps, Bleu de Termignon. On the verge of extinction,  with only four cheese makers still producing this cheese. Deep in the French Alps, Bleu de Termignon is made from unpasteurized milk from cows grazing over 2000 meters above sea level only during the summer months.  Wrapped in cheese cloth and put in pine boxes for several weeks until the cheese forms. After this time, the blue mold naturally enters the cheese, unlike other blues where they are inoculated with mold. Aged 4-5 months, this cheese looks like a prehistoric rock and delivers complex flavors. Assertive and impressionable. Rarely exported to the United States. $31.99/#

Wine pairings are a Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley, more specifically a white Chinon. With its white fruit aromas, full bodied mouthfeel and present honeyed quality, this wine lingers on the palate. Our other recommendation is from the southwest of France, more specifically the Madiran growing region. The Tanatis is a rare fortified wine made from the Tannat grape. Aged in barrel for 12 months, this wine has an intense concentrated aroma of blackberry. Fruity and generous on the palate with polished tannins. 

Clos de la Lysardière Chinon Blanc 2015 $19.99/btl

Domaine Chiroulet Tanatis $35/btl

Bleu de Termignon Alpage $31.99/# 

Jeremy Kirkpatrick